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By Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC, Editor@Blogfinger

Scene:  Internist office in Neptune.  I have been ushered into an examining room by a woman who is dressed in a colorful uniform with flowery pants and top—like pajamas. She doesn’t identify herself or her job description  (eg nurse? aide? proctologist?).  She takes my BP and my pulse. While she is doing that, I say “70,” amusing myself while trying to predict my heart rate.  She looks up and says “75.”  She is not impressed with my accurate guess. She then says that she will take my temperature in my ear.  She sticks a probe into my ear and says, “96.5”   She doesn’t know that I am a physician.

Me:  96.5?

She: Yes

Me: What happened to 98.6?

She: You’re normal.

Me  (incredulous)  What?

She:  Oh yes, out of 500 patients here, most are 96 or 97.

Me: What do you do if you get 98.6?

She: Oh, that’s fever.

Me:  98.6 is fever?

She:  Yes

Me:  (to myself—–“Should I find another doctor?  Should I complain to the doctor? How can I start a ruckus over this inane conversation when I am constantly finding things wrong whenever I go to a doctor?  Medical practice is going to hell in a hand basket.  What does that mean anyhow?”)

Me:  Thank you.



BEE GEES:.   FRom the movie Saturday Night Fever.  “Night Fever.”

“…then I get night fever, night fever.

“We know how to do it

“Gimme that night fever night fever.

“We know how to show it.”

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