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Water temperature today was 75 degrees. Paul Goldfinger action shot near the Tabernacle.

a.—Boardwalk quotes of the day.  It’s impossible to sit or walk on the OG boards without catching snippets of conversations. Here are two from today  August 25, 2020:

——–“I’ve known him for 21 years, and he has never said ‘hello'”

——–“Start with whole cloves of garlic; then add salt, pepper, and some olive oil.”


b.  Getting a free ride?    Every day, early birds arrive at the beachfront and go onto the sands before the badge checkers/sellers show up.  You might think that such an early arrival would save you $9.00 for a day badge.  But when the checkers show up, one of the first tasks is to go onto the beach and check for the aspiring free-riders.

At the end of the day is another story: Come after 5, and you and your brood are home free, and that is a lovely favor for folks who couldn’t get on the beach at all.  But they have to be careful.

c.  Site stats:   8/19=884 visits;  8/24  756 visits.  Most popular posts:  Aurora, virus extends season, and lifeguards cover the waterfront.   Foreign countries today :  13, including Croatia, Australia and South Korea.

I bet we could make money opening a Croatian restaurant on Main Avenue–we would feature oxen with black risotto.

d. We have heard from Trenton regarding the OGNED “stuck in the mud” application to NJ DEP.    Why has the OGNED team been stymied at the North End?

The DEP says, “The application remains deficient at this time.”  That sounds like a hint of hopeful news.




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