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Ocean Grove, NJ beach. November 2020. Paul Goldfinger photograph. M246 M. ©  See our recent articles about the crosses on 2021 season beach badges.


By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger Editor.

The title above is from the Coaster  (3/12/21) whose reporter is quoting OGCMA President Michael Badger.

This parking “study” was due to be completed in 2020, but a public appearance by the Kimley-Horn experts last year indicated that they were having trouble dealing with OG’s myriad parking issues.

Here is a link to our detailed July 2020 piece about this topic:


CMA parking study: read between the lines in the Coaster’s fake news report.


It is amazing that the CMA thinks that it can come up with something that will satisfy everyone. And, they seem to assume that their plan will be implemented. Have they forgotten that they no longer run this town? Or maybe the Neptuners will stay in the shadows, hiding from this issue.

The only certainty revealed so far is that timed parking should be implemented in the Main Avenue shopping zone—a good idea, but it is only helpful to merchants and shoppers.  At the same time, it will reduce available parking for beach goers, but any solution will impact certain factions, one way or another.

The real problem is the failure  to formally recognize that the supply of parkers must be looked at along with the supply of parking spaces. And especially there is the problem of excess numbers of tourists—too many for a small beach town which is no longer a single minded religious mecca as it was until 1979-80.

The CMA should not be doing this project because they have a huge conflict of interest.   According to the Coaster, Badger said that ‘the CMA is following protocol’ and involving and working with the township and community leaders while the final touches are being put on the plan.”

Who do you suppose are the “community leaders” mentioned above?   Evidently he means the Chamber of Commercials, the no better Parking Alliance, and the Home Groaners.  Who appointed them as “community leaders?”  Where are the leaders who would represent the tax-paying residents* in town?

The virus issue is now superimposed on our parking scenario, but it will eventually be solved.

However, for now, how will the consultants factor that into their plan, or will they simple ignore it?   Or will their plan act as if the COVID-related decrease in tourists and cars can be factored in to create a distorted picture for the future.

In the last year, since last March, Blogfinger.net  has posted 5 articles about this problem. One is above.  You can find the others by using the search box above right. Type in “parking plan or parking consultants.”


“Don’t Be that Way.”  By Benny Goodman and his orchestra:



*Our definition of “residents” includes all who live here, full or part time.  And when we say “tax paying residents” we include renters whose rents include “pass-throughs”  for taxes.   —PG


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Asbury zombies are ruining the Grove according to Pres. Badger. “Nonsense” drools the zombies. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

In a bizarre and disorganized email last night regarding Ocean Grove, the Asbury Park Press sent around a worthless  piece consisting of a cut and paste mishmash with articles about OG’s worsening parking situation, past and present. A few video clips were included showing interviews with CMA Pres. Michael Badger where he mumbled and fumbled his way around the subject of parking.

Today’s paper edition made the OG story front page news, but today they emphasized a supposed improved parking situation due to the virus. Why is this news?  Sure there are more parking spaces for obvious reasons.

But looking at that on-line rendition raises some other issues.  The most obvious is why the APP repeatedly makes Badger their star source of information.   Why should he be the go-to guy for town news coverage?

He doesn’t even explain his conflict of interest as he pontificates about the Grove’s parking problems.  He doesn’t disclose that he has an ax to grind on the subject.  Who appointed him to be the spokesman for Ocean Grove?  He gives the appearance of an elected official.

The APP should should have sought out an elected Neptune official to consider the complicated topic of parking in the Grove.  The reporter lacks insight into all that has gone on in the past with parking including the fact that no professional parking study has ever been reported in Neptune. Nor does he have any insight into the pending study being bought by the CMA.  The reporter, supposedly an OG expert,  doesn’t know what questions to ask.

Badger blames Asbury Park for our parking mess.  He says, “The problem was created by Asbury.”  But he doesn’t explain that OG has a demographic of homeowners which has been wrestling with parking long before Asbury climbed out of the Stone Age a few years ago.

Badger thinks that pay-to-park policies in AP are the source of our troubles which he refers to as “the Neptune-Asbury problem.”   But he  fails to admit that the Township’s situation is also the Camp Meeting’s problem.  The CMA is having a big headache worrying where religious tourists, by the thousands, will park in the Grove.

He is off-base in blaming Asbury for anything.  Asbury is a circumstance, not a cause of trouble.   That town is making multi-millions with paid parking, and that is a success story for them.   They are right in not getting sucked into OG’s parking problems and Badger’s finger pointing.

Then he throws a big stink bomb into the mix when he digresses to lecture all of us as to why  Neptuners should be encouraged to come into the Grove, as if we are excluding anyone.  He says that if we exclude the “tax paying Neptune citizens” then we will be “elitists.” He says that we are not “fair” if only Grover opinions are heard.

This is a blatant and obnoxious smokescreen designed to divert attention from any plan that would help residents, such as permits.

Then he reveals his real motive for this topic when he says that he wants to encourage more Neptuners to come to the “programs of Ocean Grove.”  But he doesn’t explain that most of the ” Ocean Grove programs” are religious based, sponsored by the CMA.

Later, to muddy the waters even more, he tells the APP that the CMA has hired a “nationally recognized” consultant to solve OG’s parking problems.  But who asked him to do that?  He is not an elected official.  The CMA is no longer  in charge of OG, although he seems to think that it is.

The truth is that Neptune has never concluded  a professional parking study.   Such a factually and legally based result  is needed for this conversation to proceed, but a legitimate study  would make mince-meat of any idea that we can provide parking for all interested parties including residents, business interests, hotel/B and B’s, beach goers, and the voracious CMA.

It may be impossible to resolve Badger’s private study which will be biased regardless of his phony efforts to speak for all factions. And a private CMA study will not have to be revealed to the public or even to the Township.  But if it is revealed, then no one, including the CMA, will be happy because official parking regulations must be addressed within, and there are simply not enough spaces in town to make everyone enthused and to obey the law also.

There have been some prior efforts in OG to come up with parking solutions, but Badger doesn’t care about that because he thinks that solutions such as “permits will just make things worse.”   He means that it will make things worse for the CMA’s daunting  parking challenges.

Where is the mayor when the “press” comes calling?   Mr. Mayor:  How about calling the Press and ask for fair coverage of Ocean Grove.  Or maybe you and your Committee are too busy hiding under your beds.

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Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

STEPHEN DEROSA   From Boardwalk Empire.

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