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By Kathy Arlt, Contributing Writer  @Blogfinger

Several weeks ago, Blogfinger reader Frank S asked for information about the small pink structure located in Auditorium Square, at the intersection of Pitman Avenue and Pilgrim Pathway.

Two readers commented. Hobe reported that the tiny building was part of a hotel at 2 Webb Ave. Frank Devine placed it as part of a house owned by the Gannons, and gave them credit for restoring and donating the structure.

Both commenters were partially correct. The cupola did come from a hotel—the Ocean Villa—located at 4 Webb Ave., and it was owned by the Gannons in 1977. Here’s a photo showing the hotel and its address, and, of course, the cupola on the top of the building:

But credit for rescuing the cupola belongs to Robert Green, who was profiled on Blogfinger last June. Mr. Green spearheaded a movement to preserve the cupola when plans were announced to demolish the Ocean Villa in 1985. He started a “Save The Tower” fund, and Ocean Grovers raised $1,000 to renovate the cupola after its removal; the United Crane company donated building-moving services. After a short time in storage while the renovation work was being done, the Ocean Villa cupola was placed in Auditorium Square where it lives on today.

And here, from the pages of the Ocean Grove and Neptune Times, are photos of the moving process.

The cupola is the only part of the Ocean Villa that remains. A completely new building was built in 1986…and if you’d like to see what it is, stroll over to 4 Webb Avenue and take a look.

Editor’s note:  In June 2011, Blogfinger interviewed Bob Green.   Here is a link to that posting.  Robert Green interview link

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