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Editor’s Note:  There are five members of the Neptune Township Committee, and perhaps you would rather be polled on each of them individually,  but this is a poll of the Committee as an entity, much like the polls we often hear about regarding Congress.

It is true that most citizens in the Grove pay little or no attention to the performance of the Committee, but just because Grovers don’t attend meetings  (the citizen attendance overall  is abysmal) doesn’t mean that they don’t have an opinion as to how the Township is being run, especially as it pertains to Ocean Grove, and, after all, the buck stops in that Committee Room at the Mother Ship.

In the one Committee race from last Tuesday, more Grovers voted for Carlson than did for the incumbent  McMillan, although it was close.   It makes us wonder if  Grovers believe that the Township Committee is paying sufficient attention to problems in the Grove.

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As you all know, our polls are public opinion samplers and not scientific polling.  But I think that our polls can give us a sense of how our neighbors feel about certain issues.

—-Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.


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