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Dominique Ciccarelli, Ocean Grove’s beautiful competitor in the Mermaid Promenade, is also joining the Blogfinger “Girls in Their Summer Clothes Series” 8/26/17. Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor , Blogfinger.net

We’ve had whales and dolphins this summer in Ocean Grove, but a mermaid?  We were over in Firemen’s Park this evening at about 7 pm when we spotted an iridescent vision strolling or maybe swimming diagonally across the park.  We got closer and discovered a mermaid.

These delightful and mysterious creatures, which have been reported in ancient mariner legends, are rarely seen in New Jersey, but here she is. There is even a Disney movie about them—The Little Mermaid.

Dominique Ciccarelli may be the first Grover who is a mermaid.  She spent her summer here, but mostly she is from Jersey City. She was just returning from the 3rd Annual Promenade (ie parade) of Mermaids in Asbury Park.

Dominique had a great time.  She said that the competition was tough, and even some mermen joined the parade.  We are happy to report that Dominique has some graceful moves, even on dry land. And that dress—it would attract even the ancient mariner —-a muse for a rhyme.

It’s wonderful that the Asburians could come up with a beauty parade other than the Zombie Walk.

We didn’t make the  event today, but Ocean Grove’s gorgeous entry Dominique must have done swimmingly well. If she enters next year, perhaps she will remind us to get an action shot for her.

We thank Dominique for sharing her amazing outfit with the Blogfinger readers and for our annual “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” 2017 series.

Watch for her riding the waves after 12 noon at the OG beach tomorrow  (Sunday). After the morning service, it would be a nice diversion.

How does she swim in that dress? She’ll have to use the breast stroke.


SAMUEL E. WRIGHT  from The Little Mermaid:


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