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To the Editor:

Hi. We are retiring in May and will be living in Ocean Grove full time. We live in the 1st floor apt. of our Victorian that has an apt. on each of the 3 floors.

We enjoy the challenge of not moving our car all weekend and staying put in this lovely town. However, I’m not stupid either, and if we allow the remaining buildings to turn condo with no parking, on top of the parking encroachment from Asbury Park’s growing popularity (which is a good thing)….it will be a bad thing for OG.

Can you suggest on Blogfinger whom we can write to in Trenton so they don’t listen to our town officials who have an obvious conflict of interest.


Thank you for all that you do.


Ocean Grove, N.J. Jan. 21, 2016.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can write to the Residential Site Improvement Standards   (RSIS) Committee regarding the Neptune Township  application to obtain a special exemption  to the parking rules (RSIS)  that require new construction to provide off street parking in Ocean Grove.

It is the Blogfinger position that such an exemption will open the door for more multifamily buildings such as condos. Currently the Township simply ignores the law and thus we get condos without parking, such as the giant one on the south side of Ocean Pathway.

Note that the application currently is inactive.  But the Township can resubmit it  (and probably will) in the near future, so go ahead and write the DCA.

The address is RSIS Committee, NJ Department of  Community Affairs, 101 S. Broad Street, Trenton, NJ , 08625   or send an email to john.lago@DCA.NJ.GOV

DCA building in Trenton.  NJ.gov photo

DCA building in Trenton. NJ.gov photo


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