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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@Blogfinger.net  Posted 2015. Re-post now.

The first cottage built in Ocean Grove was called “Pioneer Cottage.”  A gentleman from Warsaw, New York built it on Asbury Avenue in 1870.  You can still see it at 64 Asbury Avenue.   It is quite large now.  The size of early cottages was influenced  by the standard small lot size of 30′ x 60.’  Also, many cottages were created at the site of prior tents.

Around 1900, Mrs. W.B. Osborn, an author and wife of the OG founder wrote a book called Pioneer Days of Ocean Grove.  In it she relates how Pres. Stokes decided  to present a “cottage” to Rev. W.B. Osborn “as a testimonial of esteem and in further consideration for labors rendered.”  A “handsome  cottage” was built for Osborn at a cost of over $3,000.00.  The money was raised outside of CMA funds, and “the whole scheme was carried to completion by the perseverance of the wife of the Rev. John S. Inskip alone.”

The presentation was made at a gala event on July 15, 1873. Osborn was evidently a sort of snowbird, because they had to wait for him to return from Florida.

Of course many cottages were constructed after that, and over the years, a considerable number were changed and enlarged. Today,  OG cottages can still be found all over town, and despite their size, they remain highly desirable to this day.


This sign is on the median of Broadway. June 10, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©

This sign is on the median of Broadway. June 10, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©


This wonderful cottage was photographed on June 10, 2015 on Broadway. It is not for sale. By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net ©

This wonderful, happy cottage was photographed on June 10, 2015 on Broadway. Definitely not for sale. By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net ©


DINAH WASHINGTON  tells us that a house isn’t necessarily a home. Sometimes a derelict house has a story to tell, and we need to think about them that way.



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Fall cottages on Stockton Avenue in Ocean Grove.  Near Allegria.  People love the OG cottages. Blogfinger photo 11/7/17 ©   Re-post from 2017.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

JOHN DONNE:   “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

There is something special about the Stockton Avenue neighborhood where these two identical twins live.  It doesn’t seem Victorian. The architecture is variable, and the houses are mostly small in scale. They look like homes where families live and where pies are baked.

It has a quality of peacefulness and quaintness, as if it were posing for a book on small town America.

One would assume that the people who live nearby can’t bear the sight of that brick senior facility, but I think they must look there and see a park.  And they also see elderly people who love living there. It is their home.

Around Stockton Avenue there is a neighborhood and it seems to be about kindness and comfort.   It looks like all those who live there might share those sentiments.

Allegria residence for seniors. Stockton Avenue in OG. Click to see who lives there. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


HARRY JAMES AND HIS ORCHESTRA.   From Hannah and Her Sisters



And here’s a link to a Blogfinger post where a cottage is featured. It’s worth a visit, and don’t miss the song by Sylvia Froos from the 1930’s.  Does one have to be high to be happy?

Better than a penthouse?

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