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This is Tillie, the poster boy for funny business in Asbury Park. But who will be responsible for funny business on the OG side of the divide ?

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net  and Jack Bredin, Blogfinger reporter/researcher.

We have received a detailed Coaster report regarding the HOA meeting of Feb. 1. During that meeting there was information presented by President Michael Badger of the OG Camp Meeting Association regarding the North End project which suggested that great progress was being made. The Coaster headline described the presentation as “an update.”

However, Badger offered misinformation which went unchallenged at the meeting. Evidently, he has a fundamental misunderstanding of the redevelopment process as defined by NJ Land Use Law.

The North End Redevelopment plan is supposed to be a public project under the supervision of the Township Committee, but the two Committeemen present, Carol Rizzo and Robert Lane, had nothing to say during the presentation.

Instead the CMA seemed to be usurping their authority.   And why was this presentation being made at the Home Owners Association meeting instead of in a public forum at a public venue with the discussion lead by the Township?

Badger said that “the North End developers and the CMA have been in protracted discussions and hope for a final signed contract within 30 days or shortly thereafter.”

But, in all the years we have been following this mess, no one has ever used the term “North End developers.”  Badger should have defined this term. You may recall that this is a “redevelopment” project and not a “general development” project—an important distinction having to do with local government involvement.

The 2008 zoning for the North End was established by the Neptune Township decision to make that property into a “zone in need of redevelopment.” So any subsequent negotiations and contract talks should be led by the Township.

Of course, private negotiations, such as regarding ground rents, would occur privately between the CMA and WAVE (the presumed redevelopers) but such agreements do not move the ball forward as far as the public’s interests.

So, until these private issues are resolved and until the process finally culminates in a Redevelopers Agreement, signed by the Township and the Redevelopers (whoever they will be,) there can be no developers officially involved in the project.

The only project plan that was ever approved by Neptune is the original NERP from 2008. There was talk of a changed plan (with reduced density) in 2011, championed by the HOA and publicly announced by Committeeman R. Bishop in 2015 , but that 2011 “scaled down” plan mentioned now by Mr. Badger, as if it were the current plan for 2018, was never confirmed by the Township.

Any change in the density of the original North End Redevelopment Plan “shall require notice and public hearings in a manner similar to the adoption of the original plan.”

And, Mr. Badger said, “some of the permits* are still not completed.” But that implies that some are completed, and, without a re-developers agreement, no permits should have been granted.

This project seems to be no further ahead than it was in the past, and the Feb 1 presentation merely served to muddy the waters even more.


* For more details about permits, see the comments below.


LEON REDBONE   (Is anyone home at the CMA, HOA, or the Neptune Township Committee?)


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