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“Heck Avenue.” Ocean Grove. By Jack Bredin 2019.  What OG should look like at the North End.



COLE PORTER WITH VINCE GIORDANO AND THE NIGHTHAWKS:   Let’s begin with a tribute to the real Ocean Grove:



By Paul Goldfinger, Editor Blogfinger.net

Today Jack Bredin spoke to us regarding his strong feelings about the forthcoming HPC North End Plan reviews beginning April 6, 2021.  He sees the “new” HPC hearings as being “fraudulent.”


What follows is a tutorial of what happened, documented by official records and written by Jack.

First,  please re-read our June, 2020 post  about some of these matters (below.)

For the link, read the first paragraph below and then click where it says, “Continue reading..”

Neptune blames HPC for North End project being “temporarily stalled again.”


From Jack Bredin, April 5, 2021:


With redevelopment the HPC is an advisory body to the Planning Board, and then the Planning Board is also an advisory body to the Governing Body, who makes the final decision to approve the project.

“The buck stops” with the process when the mayor signs off on the project.

However, Mayor Rizzo did BEFORE THE PLANNING BOARD MEETING took place.  And she signed the wrong plan.

The HPC did not approve the proposal, and so there was no “Certificate of Appropriateness” from the HPC.

At the Planning Board meeting in November, 2019, Debby Osepchuk, head of the HPC came to the meeting with the Commission’s atorney, as she should have, but, and this is a BIG BUT, when it was heard turn to speak, the attorney for OGNED objected, stating that “The mayor had already signed off on the plan, and so the HPC’s testimony was irrelevant.”

In any case, the Planning Board agreed with OGNED.

It was not true that the mayor had already signed off on “the plan.”  She, in fact, signed off on another plan designed by the Home Owners Association, and that was not the official plan.

The time for appeal has expired. As such, only the court could remand the project back for a new hearing before the HPC, and they already had rejected the plan.

Apparently someone is now looking for a “Certificate of Appropriateness” which does not exist.

Editor:     Below is a post from 2018 where we discuss the variety of plans in play then:

The old, the new, and the true North End Redevelopment plans…


We thank Jack Bredin for standing up for the rule of law and for the best interest of the citizens of Ocean Grove.

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