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Scene of the fire. 6/19/19. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has concluded that the fire  was “a  horrific accident.”   Click to enlarge.  Paul Goldfinger photograph ©


Trucks come down Ocean Avenue, enter the North End lot, and back into position on the beach. Paul Goldfinger photos and video. 6/19/19 . Blogfinger.net   ©


North End lot, watching the action. Blogfinger photo. 6/19/19 ©




By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Isn’t it curious, that these loaded trucks have no trouble crossing that lot, while parking for cars was refused in the past because of risk of collapse?

Onlookers continue to come by to gaze and take photos.  Children walk and bike by even though a large amount of debris is still present.

The asbestos sign on the fence has been removed, even though debris is still  being constantly moved around.

This job is being paid for by the White Whale owner.


KINGS OF LEON    (“Last Mile Home”)

“And the lights are swinging in the smoke
I’m a fool for conversation
And I’ve got nowhere to go….”

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