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A blank slate at the precious North End of Ocean Grove. What it could have become….  Blogfinger photograph.  ©


Imagine what a beautiful place might have been designed at our North End—a legacy for all who live here, who will visit here, and who will come here in the future.

Instead, this will become Ocean Grove’s Sutton Place—a private elitist space for the few that might have been filled with the open air sounds of children laughing, games, young people moving along–romance and friendship;  sea breezes, light, space, and easy ocean access;   and trees, benches, flowers, art and music.

But no, the legacy will be that of developers who dominate our beachfront environment  for the sake of money—kidding themselves that these ersatz yellow historic designs and landscapes will somehow thrill the heart, delight the eyes, and caress the ocean breezes. Yes they will leave some “open spaces,”  but that will be a poor substitute for what might have been.

And the developers will promote the new Grove by showing pictures of our historic town, made that way by residents and historic idealists, not by developers and politicians who only pretend to care.  What might have been will be buried under the garage.



Dreamin’ on the last mile home, dreamin’ on the mile last home
Things are always better, when we’re all together
I’m dreamin’ on the last mile home



Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@Blogfinger.net

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A typical Ocean Grove historic neighborhood. Submitted by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net.  The proposed North End plan will be from the same school of historic design that gave us the Greek Temple on Ocean Avenue. It won’t look like this.


This is what the Master Plan (2011) says about new construction in the historic district:   “…..encouraging new construction that is compatible in scale and design to the physical
character of the surrounding neighborhood.”

And this is what Municipal Land Use Law says:   “The MLUL responds to a generally held belief that those sections of a municipality that still bear the visual imprint of the past should be preserved. The concept is that existing buildings in historic area should be retained, or at least as their exteriors, and that new buildings in such areas should be on the same scale and should have facades compatible with the older buildings.

Does this sound like what those altruistic developers (OGNED), CMA, and Neptune Township have in mind for the over 5 acres at the North End which they allege is being done according to historic principles?

Let’s face it, historic preservation and replication is not what is going on over there.  The idea that bringing back the North End Hotel site is historic is like looking at an archaeologic site in Israel where scientists have their eyes on history going back 3000 years and not on some Ottoman casino which burned down in 1910.

They may get what they want, but it is wrong and is being misrepresented to the Ocean Grove public.

And let’s mention the 2008 ruling that allowed the Township, on the  behalf of WAVE and the CMA, to change the zoning from single family residential to mixed use due to the designation of that area as an area in need of redevelopment.   This is NJ Law as to the criteria for that designation:

“Areas, in excess of five contiguous acres, whereon buildings or improvements have been destroyed, consumed by fire, demolished or altered by the action of storm, fire, cyclone, tornado, earthquake or other casualty in such a way that the aggregate assessed value of the area has been materially depreciated.

The OG North End was misrepresented as an area of over 5 acres.  In addition, the land’s value was not shown to be materially depreciated.  Today it is worth a large sum of money—-no one has released the price tag when the CMA sells to OGNED.  Another excuse was that the land suffered from many Code violations, but those were easily corrected.  There was a law suit which Kevin Chambers lost over this, but that doesn’t mean that he was wrong.

OTIS REDDING    “Wonderful World.”

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