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18 months old. Sunset Diner. Paul Goldfinger photo. 11/17/19




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Noah and Pop Pops. Eileen Goldfinger photograph. Sept. 2019.


PETE SEEGER   “Bought Me  a Cat.”


pete seeger (1)

Bought me a cat and the cat pleased me, I fed my cat under yonder tree. Cat goes fiddle-i-fee.



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Noah on an adventure with Dad and Chico; he loves it.  Noah discovers his shadow, like Peter Pan, for the first time during this exploration, and he found a spider as well as some long grass blowing in the wind. August 19, 2019. 16 mos. old.


Noah discovers his shadow .





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Noah can’t speak, but he can contemplate the universe in his own way.  15 months.    Photo by Mom.


STUART MATTHEWMAN.    “Amapola”  from the soundtrack of the film  Twin Falls, Idaho


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Noah visits us in the Grove, and Uncle Stephen (aka “Uncle Goom”) reads him an anatomy lesson. July 21, 2019 ©  Paul Goldfinger photo.


EDDIE FISHER   from “Gypsy”


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15 months old. Photo by Dad. Noah is cool. Blogfinger.net.


“But Pop Pops, this is your era, and my name isn’t Freddy, you know what I’m sayin’? ”

MEGAN MULLALLY   from Grease:

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Noah tries on grand-pops’ Ernest Hemingway hat while sidling up to Harry’s Bar in Venice.. Blogfinger exclusive celebrity photo. 6/21/19. ©


DOOLEY WILSON  from Casablanca:

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Noah. June 15, 2019, Blogfinger photo by Moe Demby.






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