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Re:  Neptune  (the town, not the planet)


a.   When Mayor Rizzo signed the North End Redevelopment Agreement in Oct. 2019, it included  the necessity of obtaining a traffic and parking study.  I got this information from the Clerk’s office.

If any of you want to tackle this topic, be my guest.  It is beyond my reach, but at least  you know that the study was done, dated Nov. 2019.


19-11-11 Corrected Traffic Impact Study – North End Condos and Hotel (dragged) 2


19-11-11 Corrected Traffic Impact Study – North End Condos and Hotel (dragged)


b.   What is the status of the North End Plan Application:  It is currently before the HPC.   There were two meetings in April.

c.  Neptune Township has wanted to eliminate the tax exempt status of the CMA office building and of Grove Hall.   The CMA won the office building case in Tax Court, but Neptune is appealing the Grove Hall decision.

We have a record of the testimony regarding the office building, and that record contains some interesting facts about the CMA which we will share in a separate post.

d. There are ongoing law suits regarding alleged problems in the Neptune Police Dept. It seems that some female officers brought a couple of harassment suits.    And the Township Committee  has some other  police related suits as well.

e. An investigation has been begun regarding alleged wrong doing in the  Neptune  Public Works Department.


It’s no wonder the Fabulous Five doesn’t have time for our parking permits.


So, Neptune is not exactly Paris.   Here is Nancy LaMott:


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