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By Paul Goldfinger

Oliver Stone’s new film “Savages” is playing locally. It is a beautifully filmed action flick with lots of blood, sex and intrigue.  It is not a new Oliver Stone masterpiece, but I enjoyed it anyhow. The heroes are a young threesome  from Laguna Beach, California,  where they run a business growing high octane “weed.”  The two guys and one hot blond are managing just fine with their special arrangement when some crumbs from a Mexican cartel show up to muscle in.  Before long the babe gets kidnapped, and the guys need to find a way to free her.

John Travolta does an edgy  job portraying a corrupt DEA agent, and Salma Hayek is fine as the main  “man” running the violent Mexican outfit.


The musical score contains a lot of contemporary themes some of which were excellent. But, I really liked the re-do of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” done by a 25 year old Malaysian Indie-rock singer named Yuna.    We will post some of the other soundtrack pieces in the near future.

“Neptune’s Net” is by M. Ward

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