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Stephen Goldfinger and Eileen Goldfinger in our Ocean Grove home. Paul G. photo. April 2021.


This poem was written on Mothers Day by our eldest son Stephen R.   He lives in Ocean Grove.   Stephen is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.  His degree is in Dramatic Writing.

Currently Stephen is working on an internet project which involves a great deal of creative writing.

He was thinking about photographs of Eileen when she was a young girl, and that inspired him to write this Mothers day poem.

“Harkavy” is Eileen’s maiden name.

Stephen came into our kitchen this morning, May 9 and read this poem to her. It has no name, so we will call it “Poem For Mothers Day.”




By Stephen Randy Goldfinger.  May 9, 2021. Ocean Grove, NJ


Back when you were three as a wee Harkavy

did you ever foresee that you someday would be

that most fair rarity without parity to another

meaning not just some somebody or other

but a somebody making a sum of three,

as the sun, bud, and tree,

as the sun summery

floods the summits and seas

bringing life to the bees abuzz on the breeze

and Belugas resounding and sounding in arctic harmonies,

did you ever foresee

that you too would be, most indubitably,

a one such as she and

the subject of somebody’s ruddy and rather nutty query,

well that querent is me, or is it I, (let’s let that one fly)

and the subject of said inquiry

is of course, perforce, none other than thee

so what was the question, oh brother, let’s see…

ah yes did you ever endeavor as a wee Harkavy

to conceive or believe or simply fancy

that you’d one day be not just somebody or other

but more importantly, with import of highest degree, and most imperiously seriously important to me, somebody for whom there cannot be another, cannot fill your spot, it’s for you that I jot, cause I love you a lot, I’m speaking, “Great Scott!”, about somebody’s mother!






Cyrille Aimeé  and Diego Figueiredo  (guitar)


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