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Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Do we need more publicity?   By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Do we need more publicity? By Paul Goldfinger ©  Left click to make bigger. But don’t forward this to those who never heard of us.

We received a letter from “Locked Up?”   (see below)

“Fair or unfair, right or wrong Ocean Grove has a basic PR problem. Whether or not it has anything to do with lack of recovery funds, I have no idea, but I feel it must be taken into consideration.

“My friends think that Ocean Grove is a very restrictive place with lots of Blue Laws and you are even required to go to church.
Even locally, there are plenty who believe Ocean Grove is that weird, quirky place.

“No matter what facts are presented in the appeals and they should have no bearing on the decisions, it does give one pause. Perhaps some sort of real PR campaign needs to be started, not just locally but region wide. Change the public perception and the town may find more allies in the fight.”

Editor’s Note:   It seems that “Locked Up?” is concerned because there are many people “out there” who don’t “get” Ocean Grove.  They often are mis-informed about the facts regarding our town.  Of course, for those of us who live here, this is not news.  Even the media often is confused about the realities of the Grove. Most of the mistakes revolve around the Camp Meeting Association.  Some people still think that only Methodists live here and that the OGCMA still runs the town.

The main mistake that is made is to misunderstand the demographics and dynamics of this most unique and yes, even quirky, small town. The Grove is steadily becoming a destination place and gets more and more crowded each summer.  Do we want everyone to find out about us?

But “Locked Up?” seems to think that if only those with such misconceptions could be straightened out with a PR campaign, we just might sway FEMA and others to pay for our boardwalk.  Personally, I doubt that more PR about the Grove would be welcomed by those of us who love this town.  Maybe we want to just keep it to ourselves.  And as for FEMA, they don’t seem to care what the public thinks anyhow.

—Paul Goldfinger, editor   @Blogfinger

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