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APP:      MIDDLETOWN – A group of politically active citizens wants to throw out the township’s system of government and replace it with a more powerful mayor and a larger governing body.

They say the township is too large for the prevailing five-member Township Committee, which they contend is unresponsive and leaves many effectively unrepresented.

A group calling itself   “Accountable Representation 4 Middletown”  is collecting signatures to eventually move to a so- called mayor-council form of government with a mayor elected directly by voters.

Their proposed seven-member council would have four members elected from geographical wards and three elected at large.

Ocean Grove qualifies as a part of a larger town which leaves it unrepresented, and we have zero representation in choosing our mayor.  And we pay a large proportion of Neptune’s taxes.  So let’s stuff the Neptuner Committee.

Aren’t you all sick of that?


PHIL OCHS    “Changes.”


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