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We found a few summer treasures during our travels this afternoon.  July 9, 2019. Blogfinger photo © Ocean Grove


Matt’s Farm Market, 1740 Hwy. 71, West Belmar*  has always been a wonderful place to find Jersey produce.  When we arrived today, a big truck was there unloading fresh goods.

The Jersey tomatoes were fine, but we expect that they will be even better as the North Jersey crop rolls in in August. The Arkansas fruits were excellent, but Matt’s ran out of them quickly and permanently. We wondered how the recent rains affected the Jersey crop–time will tell.


Tomatoes from South Jersey have arrived at Matt’s. They also had some from Arkansas. $2.59 per pound for beefsteak tomatoes.  Blogfinger photo.  © Matt’s Market. 7/9/19


Eileen (R) and sister Hope explore Matt’s wide variety of produce. 7/9/19. People think they are twins, but not.  Blogfinger photo.

We also got some beautiful sweet white Jersey corn, N. Carolina peaches  (not so good,)  sweet Jersey blueberries  (a bit soft, but good,) and Vidalia onions from Georgia. The onions can be stored in a dry cool place for a long while.  The season may be running out now. There also were pears from Chile. (That doesn’t mean that you have to buy them in two’s)

While we were in the vicinity, we landed at the fabulous nursery L.B. Forcellati and Sons in Wall along Rt. 35 south.  Eileen’s sister Hope found some lovely and delicate flowering plants to take back to Maryland. Two of them were especially beautiful including echinacea and heuchera  (coral bells). Forcellati has a huge selection.

On the way back to the Grove, we landed  at the Italian Bakery  (Del Ponte’s) in Bradley Beach, near the train station.  There is no trouble parking over there. I wanted a couple of their iced raisin coffee buns, but there was only one left.  You need to go there early for that.

A woman was picking up a white birthday cake, made to order.  I asked her what was inside, and she said, “cannoli cream.”  Wow!   We recently got a birthday cake for me there.  All chocolate inside and out, with fudge icing outside and chocolate pudding inside. Wonderful! Noah had his first taste of chocolate cake that day.

While there we stopped at the amazing old fashioned hardware store across from the Bradley train station.  Stewart’s old fashioned Hardware store is at  703 Brinley Street.  It is worth a visit.

Stewart’s in Bradley Beach. Blogfinger photo. They specialize in glass and screen repairs.

And don’t forget the marvelous “Back in Time Café” at the Bradley Train station where Grover Reenie Van Buren holds court with breakfast and lunch–a very fresh, delicious and innovative menu all in a cozy and unique location.

Link to our BF article about Back in Time Cafe´below.

Back in Time Cafe

BENNY GOODMAN from the soundtrack of The War   (KEN BURNS.)  with PEGGY LEE   “We’ll Meet Again.”


* Directions to Matt’s:   Take Memorial Drive to Rt 35 and continue south across the bridge.  Keep left and turn left onto Rt. 71 by the Dairy Queen. Continue a short ride to Matt’s on the left . There is a small gravel lot in front, but you can also park in the strip mall next door.  They take credit cards.


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Beefsteaks at Matt’s on Rt. 71 in West Belmar. 8/8/18


By Paul Goldfinger and Eileen Goldfinger (food editor @Blogfinger.net)

It’s a bit early for the local Jersey tomatoes to be at their peak. These at Matt’s, large and jumbo, are probably from South Jersey, but Matt has them, and Wegman’s does not.  We wait every year in late August for this agricultural event, and if you search our website  (search bar top right) just type in “tomatoes,”and you will see that we maintain an interest in this wonderful phenomenon.

Just make your favorite sandwich  (eg tuna or cheese) and put a slice of Jersey tomato on it and add a slice of Vidalia onion—make it on a Kaiser roll or some Jewish rye bread  (Wegman’s has all those, and even including onion rolls.)   A little Hellman’s mayo is the finishing touch.

Matt’s Market 2016 BF post

The best route to Matt’s is to take Memorial Drive into Belmar by the marina and turn left onto Rt. 71.   Matt’s is a short distance on that road, on the left side. Parking is a bit tight, but there is a small strip mall next door where you can park.


PERICO HERNANDEZ   “Oye Como Va.”  From the soundtrack of the movie Chef.



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1740 Rt 71. W. Belmar. Pick up 71 by the Belmar Marina and go a short distance south. Internet photo.

1740 Rt 71. W. Belmar. Pick up 71 by the Belmar Marina and go a short distance south. Internet photo.


Flavorwise, Matt's tomatoes were very good at 8/10 compared to Wegmans 10/10 from two days ago. Blogfinger photo in OG

Flavorwise, Matt’s tomatoes were very good at 8/10 compared to Wegmans 10/10 from two days ago. Blogfinger photo in OG

Matt’s market is a very excellent source of produce.  Today, when Wegmans did not have a supply of those desirable Jersey beefsteaks, Matt had a tableful of beauties including extra large ones that were ready to eat plus smaller versions.  The large one were $2.29 per pound, but lower priced tomatoes looked fine as well.

The staff at Matt’s is very friendly and helpful.  They have a wide variety of exotic melons, grapes, plums, nectarines and other fruits and veggies.  There also was a tableful of Jersey corn.

Matt's 8/22/16. Blogfinger photo. ©

Matt’s 8/22/16. Blogfinger photo. ©


Matt's fruits.  Blogfinger photo

Matt’s fruits. Blogfinger photo






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