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AP boardwalk by Paul Goldfinger. Can we have a North End that looks like this? ©  Click on the image to enlarge the scene.


By Paul Goldfinger,   Blogfinger.net

The quote below is from a January 27, 2008  article* by journalist Stephen Froias entitled “Split Decision or Knockout from the Planning Board.”  It is referenced in Wikipedia.  Stephen had been editing the online Ocean Grove Record at that time:

“Plans were announced in 2006 for a major new hotel and condominium development on property which has been vacant since the 1970s, when the old North End Hotel – once Ocean Grove’s largest – was damaged by fire and subsequently demolished in 1980.

These plans have become controversial though, and in January 2008 the Planning Board of Neptune stated the ‘North End Redevelopment Proposal was inconsistent with the town’s Master Plan'”


Editor’s note:

Isn’t this interesting!   Lightening strikes twice, because the HPC recently made a similar sort of statement about the North End Redevelopment Plan in their report of Nov. 13, 2019  (reported in Blogfinger)

“The proposed plan does not demonstrate an in depth understanding of or regard for, Ocean Grove’s character and the need to preserve the town’s ‘sense of place,’ established in its plan.”

Unfortunately, so far, that was the last we have heard from the HPC on this.   Keep in mind that they work under the thumb of the Township Committee.



The North End Redevelopment Plan was created in 2007 and then approved by Neptune Township and the Camp Meeting Association in 2008.

Unfortunately no one held the developers’, the CMA’s,  and the Township’s feet to the fire to squelch the NERP before it got out of the starting gate and despite the statement by the Planning Board at that time.  Not even the Historical Society of OG, as far as we know. And certainly not the Home Groaners.

In addition to ignoring the Master Plan, the zoning changes for the NERP were allowed thanks to the designation of the project as a “zone in need of redevelopment” which was an illegal change allowed by Neptune Township.

Do any of you OG old-timers recall why the Master Plan and the land use laws were ignored at that time?  Did anyone besides the Planning Board say anything?

Blogfinger came into existence in 2009, and we have been following this issue for many years.  This is the first time we learn that an official Neptune Township board spoke out about ignoring the Master Plan in 2008.





*Steven Froias (January 27, 2008). “Split Decision or technical knockout from the Planning Board?”. Ocean Grove Record. Retrieved February 6, 2008.  (Wiki index)

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