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By Paul Goldfinger,  Sports Editor @Blogfinger

Manolo Teijelo has been a runner for over 30 years.  He has a day job in finance, but otherwise he keeps busy by competing in running events, and he especially enjoys marathons.   Manolo lives in the Grove and he is easy to identify because he wears a hand tied bow tie every day for work.  And he is one of the skinniest guys around.  If you want to lose weight, try a marathon some time.

He says that when a runner enters an event, he gives tacit permission to be photographed and for his image to be used. But he was surprised when his photo appeared on this promotional card posing with a friend after competing in a half marathon earlier this spring in Atlantic City.

He currently has his sights set on the world-class Chicago Marathon in October. His training for that has already begun.

There are other Grovers who compete in sports at a high level.  One of my neighbors Matt McGovern recently returned from England where he competed in a 100 mile bike race. If any of you Grovarians engage in such events, send Blogfinger a photo.

Are there any professional athletes in town?  We can feature you in our sports section.


DION:   And then there’s Sue……


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