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In October we reported that houses would be built on that property next to the Arts Center.  Internet photo.

From OGJaimie:

“Just thought you’d be interested that dump next to the old high school, which used to contain lumps of soil and sand is now a construction lot for the Gannons and whatever other construction job is occurring in the immediate area, which currently involves something that involves digging up the street.

“Every day the number of vehicles, equipment, containers seems to increase. Pretty certain this is not an approved use.

“A worker/supervisor doing work on the roads (I assume on public utilities) told me that Herb Herbst, of the Jersey Shore Arts Center, said they could use the lot, but Herb no longer owns the land; the Gannon’s own it.”

Editor’s Note:  OGJaimie is a resident over there and he has a history of commenting about this subject.  Blogfinger has no information at this time about the current status of that property.

Here is a link to our October, 2016 post about that property.  There is a discussion there which deals with lot sizes and subdivisions, a topic that we are currently involved with regarding the Whitfield property on Surf Avenue.

Arts Center adjacent lot


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