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Firemen’s Park, Ocean Grove, NJ.. September 23, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photograph.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor  Blogfinger.net

The Camp Meeting Association, the Neptune Township Committee, and the OG Fire Department are responsible for this very public symbol of our town: concentration camp decor for our most visible public park. This place is the face of the Grove especially now when we have so many new people staying in town and with many visiting Firemen’s Park.

We live near the park and we have seen people park their cars just to spend a few minutes walking their dogs.  We have seen kids climb that dangerous fence to retrieve an errant ball.  While the fence was accidentally left open in recent weeks, people were drawn into the center to read the bell’s inscription, to sit down and relax, or just stand there for a chat.  Children like to run around in there and touch the bell.

A picture when freedom temporarily rang at  the bell a couple of weeks ago. Paul Goldfinger photo.  Click to enlarge.  Re-post 9/20.  Note that this photo was not a set-up.  They were in there when I approached and asked them to look at the camera.


Paul Goldfinger,MD.  Editor, Blogfinger.net

This locked fencing is a horrid symbol of ugly restriction in a free country where, in this case, we are willing to indicate indifference to the idea of freedom in such a glaring way.

Is this how we want to welcome visitors?  And, ironically, right next to this lock-up, the American flag flies.

Where is the Historical Society of Ocean Grove?  Where are the Home Groaners?   What do they stand for?  And how about the American Flag which flies at the foot of Main Avenue overlooking the ocean?  And the people of Ocean Grove: what do they stand for?

Can we ever play “America the Beautiful” in this town?  Is there any other public park in America where the people are locked out?

Mr. Badger, tear down that fence!




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