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Hello Paul…I thought you might like to know that Ocean Grove, Australia has it’s very own wine. My god-daughter is a junior at Bard College and she is finishing up a semester in Australia. She messaged me on Facebook with this picture…just a note to say she was thinking of me while enjoying a glass of Ocean Grove wine.

I think she and her fellow students must be doing a lot of research for a class called “Alcohol 101”. Every time she posts a picture of herself with friends on Facebook, there’s always booze in the background (or foreground).


Ocean Grove, NJ.  2014


THE WAYFARERS  “The Drinkers of Australia”



Editor’s Note:  Mary Lou—–Your family must be very proud that she’s learning to drink cabernet sauvignon and not that rotgut swill in the pubs of Australia.    And when she gets back to Bard, you can be thankful that there are no frat boys there to lead her astray.—


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Musicians prepare to perform in the Great Auditorium. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©



Re “Music in the Grove.”   June 17, 2021.


Paul, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts in Blogfinger: A Digital Breeze from the Jersey Shore”  What I like, and what makes it unique, is that your blog identifies pertinent issues in our community, examines those issues, and provides supporting documentation.  In all your discussions, the reader always knows where you personally stand.

In particular I appreciate your reporting on the proposed North End Development and the ever-on-going parking issues throughout the Grove.  Just as important is your commitment to building community.  Bringing together people for Garden Tours and other activities makes us all stronger.  It builds connections and friendships, and establishes a network of support for one another.  It’s one of the most important things you do.

I thoroughly enjoy the various pieces of music you select and was especially moved by 2CELLOS – Benedictus (by Karl Jenkins).

It would be nice to let people listen to some Ocean Grove musicians.  My daughter Freya, a 5th generation Ocean Grover who lives with her husband in California, is a cellist/multi-media artist.  On June 4th she joined the NY Phil at the Lincoln Center in playing a work that she had composed.  Her work can be found at Cellista.net or on Facebook.  There are many talented musicians in our community, and it would be nice to hear their work occasionally.

In sum, thank you for all your work.  It’s part of what makes us a community.




Editor’s note:  Thank you Gayle. You must be so proud and thrilled about Freya’s success.

Your kind words are much appreciated. The serious music offered in the Grove by the CMA is wonderful—first rate.  I agree that providing opportunities for Ocean Grove musicians to perform, especially in the Great Auditorium would be amazing, and perhaps Jason Tramm and Gordon Turk would consider making that happen.

I also would like to see more small musical events such as inviting serious players to take the roll of street musicians.  Currently it is a rare sighting. Below this letter is such an event when a flautist brought a small measure of joy to Main Avenue.


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net


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