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Greetings to you, BLOGFINGER & my beloved town Ocean Grove.

A note of gratitude that you continue to inform and bring an artistic perspective peppered w/ a medical accent to your blog.

In the past few months I have been touched by the loss of my dear closest friend, albeit from across the Atlantic. He loved to walk along the boardwalk here daily during his visits to nearby Bradley Beach.

Now we are in midst of the many changes in our lives brought by the current pandemic. As one who spent many years in a medical career am aware of the NJ governor’s daily updates & although our numbers are high, I too look to the ‘data to determine dates’.

I am in agreement as to a slow pace of reopening here and generally everywhere. Otherwise how can we minimize the efforts by the majority to listen to the facts & act responsibly. My Irish immigrant grandparents who lived in northeastern NJ during the ‘1918 Spanish Flu” experienced the severity of an epidemic which took the lives of family, sadly. In the spirit of generations who fought many battles in our American history (including our immigrants) we can do this!

And I hope to learn; to not only survive, but thrive in the near future.

All the best…. S.H / NJ

May 1, 2020

Ocean Grove, N.J.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


Blogfinger is so terrific….the pics, films, articles, news. You are developing a wonderful medium for all.

Congratulations! —– mel

Editor’s note:  Everything was going fine until my brother Mel attached this photo. Do you think he looks like me? He lives in Ohio, and he didn’t look like this until he moved there. When he lived in Jersey he looked normal like the rest of the clan. Anyhow, thanks Mel for your astute observations.   — PG

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To the Editor:

Hi Paul and Staff,

Please add me to your email list to keep me up to date with the events in our beloved Ocean Grove.

I am a teacher in Fort Lee, NJ and live in Park Ridge, NJ while school is in session but…the very day school is finished, I move to my home in Ocean Grove for the summer.  I would not want to be any place else.  We have owned our home in Ocean Grove since April 2001.  We are sporadic weekenders throughout the school year due to our many commitments in North Jersey.

Prior to our purchasing our home in O.G., we spent every 3 day holiday weekend in here.  We loved staying in the Ocean Plaza but when the opportunity to buy came along, we jumped on the chance to become homeowners. We never regretted our decision.

My daughter and my two granddaughters are able to spend the summers here with me.  My husband commutes to his office in Dumont…he owns an insulation company so he never has to ask the boss for a day off!

I am so glad that I went into Smugglers Cove and found out about your blog.  I look forward to being one of your followers and keeping my finger on the pulse of Ocean Grove.

Thank you,

Diane Henry

July 18, 2011

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