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Charlie Sherwood is moving out of the Grove over property taxes., Click on image to enlarge. Paul Goldfinger photo  © Dec 12, 2017.  Re-post 12/17

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@ Blogfinger

December 12, 2017:      I met Charlie Sherwood this morning as he and some helpers were loading all his possessions into a U-Haul truck.  The 82 year old retired computer salesman moved to Ocean Grove in 1946 when his mother owned a B&B.  For the last 20 years he has lived in a “half-a-house”  on Heck Avenue, way back near the Arts Center.

When he first bought his half-a house, his taxes were $300.00.  Last year they were about $5,500, but for 2018, he will have to pay $7,000.

Charlie, who has been chronically unhappy with Neptune property taxes, finally was pushed over the edge.  He ordered  a U-Haul and is arranging to list his house.

He will move to Leisure Village in Ocean County with his dog Porky.  Charlie is not alone in the world.  Two daughters live in Rumson. He blames the high taxes here on a spend-crazy school system which has declining graduation rates and test scores. He says, “It’s not the fault of the families over there; the schools have failed them.”

Will Charlie miss Ocean Grove?  He smiles and says, “No.  I’ll have a golf course in my backyard.”  He seemed eager to get that tax burden off his shoulders, and he mentioned that a neighbor, just two houses away, had just listed his house because of the taxes.

Are we seeing a new “fed-up” syndrome in the Grove?

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PATSY CLINE:   “Leavin’ on Your Mind.”   OMG  one of the saddest songs ever….

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