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It was Saturday of the Labor Day weekend.  Hardly anyone was in Auditorium Square Park adjacent to the Tabernacle. The Tent Village areas were nearly empty.  It didn’t seem like a big festive holiday.

Looking down one of the tent boulevards, not a person could be seen.  A couple of flags were flying, and hardly any flowers were evident in the park or around the tents.

We met one couple who was tidying up on their porch.  They smiled and acknowledged that things had been “slow this summer” amongst the tents.

We could hear the faint shimmer of the Hope-Jones organ from within the Great Auditorium, but all the doors were shut, so the sound, which would have been appreciated, was barely audible, in keeping with the visuals around the edges of the nearly empty building.  And then an unidentified flying object roared over head.

It reminds me of the song “A House is Not a Home,” by Burt Bachrach and Hal David in 1963 for a movie of the same name.

Over in Auditorium Park, a couple enjoyed some Days ice cream accompanied by their Husky. (?) Paul Goldfinger photo. 9/5/20. Click image to enlarge.


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