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Banner on the pink La Pierre, facing Asbury Park,  says “Now Renting.” Blogfinger photograph May 21, 2018. © As seen from the A. Park side.  Click to enlarge.


La Pierre as seen after the March 2017 fire. The empty area at the site of the Warrington Hotel remains undeveloped due to a zoning dispute with Neptune Township.  Photo by Gary Colyer.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

The La Pierre condominiums (16 Lake Avenue—-with no parking) had severe damage during the Warrington conflagration of  March 3, 2017.  The La Pierre is located between the Ocean and Founder’s Park.

Their rental banner suggests that they have completed restoration of that building.  The work began quickly after the fire. The La Pierre has condominiums  for sale and rent.  It used to be a historic hotel with 100 rooms; the condo conversion took place in 1988 with 36 units.

You can see the excellent retaining wall there, but the wall uglifies on either side.  The wall particularly needs to be restored at the east side of Lake Avenue, near the boardwalk. That presumably will be paid for by the North End redevelopers.

The banner facing Asbury Park is consistent with the recent recognition that Ocean Grove real estate will be marketed  to those whose eyes are on A. Park.  We have seen ads that essentially say, “Live in Ocean Grove because it is cheaper, but leave your heart in Asbury Park.”

This is not good for the evolution of OG as a historic district with its own objectives, values, and culture. Those who set their sites on A. Park will likely not care much about the historic small town vision for the Grove.

And the North End Redevelopment Plan will create an appendage to A. Park, ie South Asbury Park in O. Grove.  Whatever housing is eventually placed there will be all about the proximity to A.P. not the proximity to O.G. proper.

BLOSSOM DEARIE  from her album  May I Come In?    “Corcovado.”  1998.


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