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Jule Styne with a young Barbra Streisand.

Jule Styne, British-American   (1905-1994) composed Broadway musicals including Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, Peter Pan, Gypsy, Funny Girl and others, most of which became movies.

Tribute from Frank Sinatra:   “There’s only one Jule Styne, and I love him.”

Judy Kuhn is an American actress and singer who is known for her work in musical theater.  She has won Grammys and Emmys and is often chosen for tribute shows such as the one honoring Stephen Sondheim.

JUDY KUHN   from her album Just In Time:  Judy Kuhn Sings Jule Styne

“The Party’s Over/Long Before I Knew You.”

These two songs were hits from the 1956 Broadway show The Bells Are Ringing with Judy Holliday.  It later became a movie with Dean Martin.

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