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Route 66 motel. 1973 ©John Schott.   Re-post from June, 2017.

By Paul Goldfinger, Photography Editor @Blogfinger.net

In 1973, photographer John Schott took a road trip photographing motels along Route 66.  It reminds me of the famous  1958 road trip that Robert Frank , a Swiss national, took to produce his book “The Americans.”

Schott’s series on Route 66 motels is currently on exhibit at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, California.  Schott is  also is a film maker and he was the executive producer of a PBS series on photography.

Photograph Magazine said this,   “Schott made these photographs in what I am characterizing as intimate space. He engaged with the physical spaces in and around the motels, becoming attuned to how bodies (including his own) behaved in those spaces, and alert to the way motels are at once public, social, personal, and intimate.”

You can see more of this body of work by clicking the link below:


ELVIS PRESLEY   (recorded in 1956)

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