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By Igor Timkovsky

A breeze plays the blinds.
The notes it finds.
The melody is pleasing my brain.

The comfort, the air:
That’s all I can care.
The ocean I can reach by train.

It’s only fair
Away from despair
I walk be it sunshine or rain.
Get easily tired
But here inspired.
Can stand for the longest. No strain.

It’s Garden of Eden
From others’ eyes hidden.
The purity is its only grain.

SARAH BRIGHTMAN “Stranger in Paradise.” Melody adapted from Russian composer Borodin.

* This poem is from a collection called:  “Ocean Betrayal —-A poet’s Guide to Paradise at the Jersey Shore.” Under the pseudonym Eric Timm.

“Ocean Betrayal” references an incident where the ocean turned on the poet suddenly, as a rip tide in Ocean Grove, 2017.  He and his son were rescued by lifeguards.

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