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The North End–barren but more beautiful than the OGNED plan. Blogfinger photo.


We received word  that the OGHOA North End Committee had today posted six important documents that will be presented at the Wednesday (Nov 13) meeting of the Planning Board.

They have done a public service in presenting these documents.  The most important one is the HPC Report.

All interested parties can go to the  OG Homeowners web site    (click on this link and go to the North End Committee)

The document of greatest interest is the General Conclusions prepared by the Historic Preservation Commission and the Neptune Township Land Use Department.

There are nine conclusions, and here, below, is the essence of it:

a.  The site plan does not follow the historic site plan.  “This is contrary to the mandate of the Redevelopment Plan that the site be developed in accordance with the Period of Significance ” (late 19th and early 20th century) “Instead it follows the 1930’s development of the North End.”

b. “The proposed North End plan does not follow Ocean Grove’s historic planning principles.  It offers an “isolated and virtually private enclave, defined by fences and gates, with minimal controlled public access.”

c. The complex resembles a contemporary gated sub-division”  which “contradicts the open interaction that is the very intention and fabric of this Historic District.”

d. “The redevelopment ignores the precedent of the grid of 30′ x 60′ lots.” Instead it would become “a large space with buildings that are out of scale and character with Ocean Grove’s historic architecture.”

e.  The landscape plan looks like what might be found in a “contemporary suburban development.”  The “design of the main entry gates and columns separates the development from the rest of the Ocean Grove community.”

f. “The residents-only, fenced-in, private open space is far greater than the public access easement area.  This is antithetical to Ocean Grove’s historic planning principles of minimal private open space in favor of shared public open space.”

g. There are problems with the site plan’s conforming to OG’s urban town plan and grid.

h. A flare was placed on the north side of Spray Avenue where none was historically intended.

i. “The proposed plan does not demonstrate an in depth understanding of or regard for, Ocean Grove’s character and the need to preserve the town’s ‘sense of place, established in its plan.”

This document ought to be the kiss of death for this OGNED plan.  If the plan passes despite this, then all hell should break loose.

Congratulations to the HPC for courageously telling the truth to power.

All of us should read through the documents, especially the HPC report,  and then attend that meeting.

Undoubtedly the developers will try to slip by these objections with the help of double talk and their allies at the Mother Ship. But the citizens need to stop that freight train.


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net




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