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June, 22,  2019  HOA meeting where questions from the audience were censored. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


On June 22, 2019, at a full- house HOA meeting, when OGNED appeared to meet the people, the OGHOA censored the citizens refusing to allow certain questions to be raised.  Here is a link to that article.

HOA censors members June, 2019

For some reason, many of us expect the OGHOA to be an activist group, getting things done which would benefit the  town of Ocean Grove.  That impression stems from the past history of the group which fought a downward spiral in the 90’s and helped defeat developers at the South End in 1986.

OG fights developers at our South End

But what have they accomplished lately regarding the big issues of the day: taxes, parking, North End, Airbnb, historic preservation, Wesley lake pollution, HPC issues, excess mega-tourist events in town, gridlock during summer weekends, relations with the CMA, etc ?  The answer is “nothing.”

During their last meeting this past week, which lasted 2 1/2 hours, they became CNN, reporting news to fill the time instead of inspiring the citizenry with their progress.  They could have sent out an email, which seems to be their only activity, and provided the same information, so everyone could have stayed home without squirming in their seats in the Community Room.

As for parking, they have jumped on the Alliance bandwagon just as they have partnered with the Neptuners in pushing for the condofication of our North End.

You can read the latest Coaster which provides word for word reporting of that meeting.


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