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Parked on Ocean Avenue: a Florida registered truck. Sign says “Hoboken.com. now leasing apartments and townhouses.” Blogfinger photo. 6/6/19  Click to enlarge.   This company is in the business of renting “affordable housing.”  Is there such a thing on Ocean Avenue in Ocean Grove?  Is this about speculation in short term housing rentals?

Our recent discussions about lifestyles in Ocean Grove have so far failed to consider changing lifestyles.  Those who imagine that Ocean Grove will stay as it was in Victorian times are deluded.  Even our “historic” houses are mostly not truly historic.  Very few “historic districts” are like Williamsburg  (Virginia)

And the CMA, which  is trying to swim upstream and make this town even more religious, will have a tough time with that.  It’s probable that its bullying methods will eventually be fought by those who live here.  Forget about our elected officials who don’t give a damn.

But, the fact is that nothing stays the same, and that will be true of how the housing in OG evolves along with how the demographics evolve.

We don’t know what this truck is doing here, but it stimulates speculation about the rental market in town

Short term rentals are a new reality, and although homeowners and others who live in the Grove may not like it, it’s going to be interesting to see efforts to stop it.

And the way that housing is used reflects changing lifestyles, mores, and beliefs.


–Paul Goldfinger, editor @Blogfinger.net



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A perfect potential Ocean Groovy Airbnb rental–all the charm of our special town. Blogfinger photo. ©  (This is not actually an Airbnb rental; just an illustration)

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

In a recent “just wondering” segment, we began to consider the facts surrounding the new rental phenomenon where people in town can turn their homes into impromptu hotels, making fast money by renting living spaces for short visits—even just one night.

Or course, there have always been rentals, especially summertime, in Ocean Grove, going back to the town’s founding when there was a huge religious tourism industry along with many rooming houses and hotels.

But now, all over the world, homeowners are accepting tenants who connect with others on the Internet—Airbnb has an app.

According to one Grover*, this has become a problem because these Airbnbers ride into town and expect hotel amenities.  They don’t know our rules and customs and they bring parties with them.

But, regarding the rules of the road, Neptune Township has control, and I have spoken to Code Enforcement this morning.

The fact is that Airbnb rentals in Ocean Grove are  no different than any other short term rentals in town.

You may not rent a room.  You may rent an apartment or a house, but with each rental, a CI  (Certificate of Inspection) is required.  If you are doing rapid turnovers, such as one night at at a time, you must renew the CI with each rental.

—-*Airbnb on Blogfinger August 10 post

JOE WILLIAMS imagining a rental in quaint OG:


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