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Drive-by shot by Eileen Goldfinger as we rode towards the location of that Harvest Moon. Oct 2, 2020. ©


Photo of the Harvest Moon by NASA. Photo is by Joel Kowsky 2015. Note airplane.


We were driving on Rt. 138 eastbound when a mysterious giant deep orange disc appeared in the sky.  At first it seemed like an unearthly foreign presence but we quickly realized that it was the Harvest Moon in full bloom.

Eileen got her iPhone, but this sight, in the dark, with the car bouncing around, created a photographic challenge which we were not ready for.   We could not repeat the color of that moon either, because the camera sensor was not up for it.

We heard Neil Young, but here is Cassandra Wilson with her wonderful version of “Harvest Moon” from her album New Moon Daughter.


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