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Harvest Festival: All photographs by Paul Goldfinger. Click on images to enlarge the viral load. ©



Masking yes; distancing no. Blogfinger.net October 10, 2020 ©



Distancing: not always.  Masking: not always. A guy like this brings danger to this social situation.   NTPD was present, but no sign of what they were doing to protect everyone. This fellow and the seated fellow should have been asked to leave.   Blogfinger.net



How close can you get? Distancing in millimeters.



By Paul Goldfinger, MD,  Editor Blogfinger.net.

A large largely masked crowd surged into downtown Ocean Grove, lining up for junk food and standing shoulder to shoulder looking at shlock or watching a band play the blues.

It was surprising that so many came to defy the risk of COVID since distancing was totally out of the realm of possibility.

I conclude that most who attended don’t understand the roll of masking as it relates to distancing.

The fact is that masks are pretty good at preventing you from sucking up those droplets into your respiratory tract, but they are not perfect.  Probably the most important value of masks is to prevent a person who is infected with COVID from spewing the tiny viral laden droplets into the air where they can remain for awhile.

And you can catch COVID through your eyes.

“The CDC emphasizes that wearing a face mask isn’t a substitute for social distancing. Masks do not guarantee that you won’t get sick.”

So thanks to the greed of the OG Chamber and to the ignorance of this crowd and Neptune Township, an unmeasurable increased risk was present today in downtown Ocean Grove.

I would bet that very few shore towns have scheduled large events of this sort this month.

I ask the Chamber of Commercials, was this worth it to bring a large assemblage of crowded folks together to listen to the blues, buy lawn signs, and eat popcorn and hotdogs?

Eric Clapton said that you can’t appreciate the blues unless you have heart and unless you have lived the life of the blues.

CHRIS THOMAS KING   “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues.”  From the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?”  by Skip James.

“Hard times is here and everywhere you go
Times are harder than ever been before
You know that people, they are are driftin’ from door to door
But you can’t find no heaven, I don’t care where they go
People, if I ever can get up off of this old hard killin’ floor
Lord, I’ll never get down this low no more
When you hear me singin’ this old lonesome song
People, you know these hard times can last us so long
You know, you say you had money, you better be sure
Lord, these hard times gon’ kill you, just drag on slow.”
Chris Thomas King.

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