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Home sweet home. April 1, 2015. By Anna Murphey, Blogfinger photographer.

Early morning April snow.  Hardwick, New Jersey. Warren County.  April 1, 2015.  By Anna Murphey, Blogfinger photographer at home.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor, Blogfinger.net


Anna Murphey was a retired newspaper photographer.  She enjoyed visiting Ocean Grove and she contributed photos to Blogfinger.

This scene shows her home in Hardwick, a small rural town of about 1,700 people.


BARBARA COOK     from a collection of works by Dorothy Fields.

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Hardwick, New Jersey.  By Anna Murphey (with an e).  © Jan 3, 2014

Hardwick, New Jersey. By Anna Murphey (with an e). © Jan 3, 2014. Click left to immerse yourself in this country road.  Special to Blogfinger

Anna Murphey is a part-time Grover, a professional photographer and a friend of Blogfinger. She lives in a part of New Jersey known for country living and beautiful scenics.  Many people have no idea that such places exist in the Garden State.  Thanks to Anna for sharing this lovely vista near her home.


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