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We are at the beginning of  Hanukkah v. 2019.  A few days ago I discovered that even some Jewish people don’t know the history very well, so let’s repeat this post.. Click on Blogfinger below this sentence.—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

Ocean Grove menorah. The eighth night of Hanukkah.   December 23, 2014. By Paul and Eileen Goldfinger. © Ocean Grove menorah. The eighth night of Hanukkah.   December 23, 2014. Image by Paul and Eileen Goldfinger. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Tonight is the lighting of the last (eighth) Hanukah candle. Here is my brief version of the real meaning of Hanukkah. It is not the Jewish Christmas, nor is it primarily about a miracle of the oil , nor does the name “Festival of Lights” accurately describe the point of it all either.

To understand what Hanukkah is really about, you need to focus on a brief moment in history. The year was 168 B.C. The Greek Saleucid empire ruled in Syria, while the Egyptians ruled in the Holy Land. The Greeks drove out the Egyptians and introduced a Hellenistic life style to the region.

Jews had lived in the Holy Land since the time of David, and much of the time they were able to practice…

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The New York Times posted three short films today which are in the running for an Oscar.  So, I decided to bring back two of the shortest films ever made by the crew from Blogfinger.  Maybe we’ll get a nomination.

The first is called “Eileen Makes Chicken Soup in our Ocean Grove kitchen.”  You will notice that things are blurry and go south at the end of the video, but that is intentional—done for artistic effect and will make our film acceptable at MOMA for their MOM film festival  (films about MOMS).

The second is called  “Latke-Man Makes Authentic Latkes in Eileen’s Kitchen While Doing Shtick for Extra Points.”  (Note: a latke is a fried potato pancake–have maalox at the ready.)

The first film is by Paul Goldfinger.   The second is by our sons who studied artsy film making at BU and NYU and studied latke making at home.   Can they make a living with those skills?   Hey guys—–I’m talking to you!


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