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The King of Mole.  Jan. 30, 2015.  Ft. Myers Fla,  Portrait  by Paul Goldfinger ©

The King of Guacamole. Jan. 30, 2015. Ft. Myers Fla, Portrait by Paul Goldfinger ©

8,000,000 pounds of guacamole were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. The Mole Man at the Lakes Farmers Market had a large pile of avocados in front of him. He was also facing a line at his booth on Friday before THE Sunday. He smiled as he explained to a customer that the Super Bowl was responsible for his surge in business. This guy moves fast with that big knife, all the while kibitzing with the folks who love to watch the creation of fresh mole.

Eileen’s recipe was posted last year. (see re-blog below). Guacomole is a health food, and her’s is great; try it tonight with dinner.

Making guacamole at the Lakes Park Farmers Market in Fort Myers, Florida.    By Paul Goldfinger. Left click for larger view.

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger   (Reposted from Blogfinger Nov. 2012)

Guacamole was invented by the Aztec indians in Central Mexico. They grew avocados and tomatoes and they even had corn from which they made tortillas. It’s unlikely that they used tortilla chips and guacamole dips while watching their equivalent of Monday night football, which was human sacrifice on a grand scale.

Aztec mask. Louvre. Note the guacamole color. If you eat too much mole, you can get that color.

Cortes, the Spanish invader, conquered the Aztecs in the 16th century, taking over Tenochtitlan, the capital. He introduced horses and onions to the Indians. Maybe he liked guacamole (the ‘g’ was pronounced like a ‘w’) and improved the recipe with his onions, because the dish and its name…

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