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Source: Seasons General Store in OG.

Graphics source: Seasons General Store in OG.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.  Jack Bredin, Blogfinger researcher.

Look south on BF to find our October 24, 2020  post about two condominium associations which sued the CMA.  (2/17/17)  And don’t miss the comments.

Today’s  BF re-post below about ground rents is also from 2017.  The subject of ground-rents goes back to the 19th century and is still a source of interest and consternation.

You will also find two letters to the editor–same 2017 vintage on this subject.

The law suit described above is about two OG condominium associations who are suing the Camp Meeting Association regarding ground rents.  But we haven’t seen the complaint and we don’t know what the complaint really is and what issues will be considered and explored during  the discovery phase if it goes to trial. 

Because of all the uncertainty, we have a wide open pathway for discussion, and won’t it be interesting to guess how many different spinoffs will be generated.

Fundamental assumptions will be questioned.   Let’s begin with a collection of questions and ideas.  Then send in your suggestions about where this suit will lead.  Click on comments below or send an email to Blogfinger@verizon.net.  If you ask to be anonymous, you will  be.  If you don’t share your email with us, we can’t talk to you individually. 

1. Recently the OGHOA hired a lawyer to look into the ground rent matter. We don’t exactly know what his instructions were, but he cost the HOA $7,000. HOA members: where is your loyalty?    You should demand that the identity of that lawyer be revealed and his report made public.   (See Kevin Chambers’ inquiry about this.)


2.   Will the court find that condo owners should be treated the same as other resident owners and be charged $10.50 per year ground rent?  Will the court find that condo owners can be treated on a case to case basis, whereas home owners in town are mostly treated as if they were all the same?  Will using home assessments to determine fees be OK for condo owners,  but not for regular  homeowners?

3.   Who really owns the land in Ocean Grove?  If the CMA owns the land, then how come we homeowners have to pay property taxes to Neptune Township?  Why doesn’t the CMA pay the taxes?  (This was questioned in court in the past, and the citizens lost that battle.)  If the CMA doesn’t own the land, then will the current homeowners own the land?   Will the CMA produce proof that they own the land?

4. If the CMA loses and has to return a ton of money, will it go bankrupt?

5. If the CMA loses, then they may not be able to make much money from condo’s in the future.  If that happens, will they still support the construction of up to 165 condos at the North End?  Will the North End Redevelopment Plan collapse before it begins?

6.  If the CMA cannot make much money from the approval of more condos in the Grove, will they become supporters of single family zoning in town and opponents to more condos?  

7.   Will the CMA be able to continue raising the leasehold fees whenever it wants to, without providing justification?  

8. The CMA is a secretive private organization. Will it have to open its books to the court?  Will its officers and trustees have to undergo depositions?

9.  Will the condo associations involved in the suit be able to continue paying high legal fees if this suit drags on?  Can the CMA afford a long legal process?

10.  Will other condominium associations join the suit?

Tell us your ideas.  Please read the rules above about commenting on Blogfinger.


 Editor’s note:   On Feb 22, 2017, Blogfinger posted two Letters to the Editor containing  discussions of the history of ground rents in Ocean Grove.   Here are links:

Ground rent letter to the editor #1 2017

Ground rent letter to the editor #2 2017

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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

On October 4, 2016, we posted a letter from “Pastor John” DiGiamberardino, COO of the OGCMA.  In it he reassured “friends and neighbors” that there would be no increase in residential ground rents.  Below is the link to that Blogfinger post.


But the Pastor’s letter was not considered clear enough, so the OGHOA decided that they needed “clarification” regarding the CMA’s policies, so they sent an email querying the Pastor further about the ground rent intent.

“Pastor John” responded to them and said,  “In short, nothing is going to change” with respect to lease fees.

“Addressing the question of ‘terms and conditions’ of a ground lease,” Pastor John stated that “this primarily relates to non-payment of ground rent”.

In an email today from the OGHOA “Board of Directors”   (aka Board of Trustees; aka Board of Dubious Intentions)  to the membership, the Directors said that they would “take the OGCMA at its word” regarding the ground rent issue. A little condescending perhaps?

Some residents remain distrustful  of the CMA and they are encouraging everyone to pay their land rents on time each year.





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