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The New Yorker. Does this ring true as a topic in Ocean Grove?


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.   Editor  ( Blogfinger.net  12 years old in June. Over 4 million hits.)


The OG Home Groaners have a history of choosing irrelevant topics for their meetings.

Instead of important matters such as whether OG residents would support their disgraceful position on the North End,   the OGHOA has had meetings about anti-semitism in the Grove  (doesn’t exist) and a recent meeting as to what their survey said about their being more popular.  Do you think that green energy was what the citizens requested from their HOA?

Recently they invited the OGNED (North End) developers to a meeting where provocative questions from the audience were banned. Censorship is what that meeting delivered.

They never offer programs on the lack of transparency by the Neptune Comedy as the Neptuners continually dump on the Grove and the HOA is only now waking up to the idea that renters might be interested in the town.

Topics they always ignore include explaining  land use laws, threats to Lake Ave, uninhibited condo conversions, Wesley Lake pollution, excess tourism, coping with the impending  North End disaster, zoning distortions, ground water clarity, Air B&B growth, deluge of rentals and renters escaping the pandemic, Asbury impact on the Grove, and how about a committee that looks after the interests of people who actually live here and pay taxes.

By comparison, here is a snapshot of the OGHOA in the past—- totally different from the gibberish-laden slush being dished out to Grovers by the OGHOA.

From the Blogfinger OG Timeline:

“By the 1980’s, the town is characterized by an overall “decrepitude,” including deterioration of buildings, declining tourism, crime, and a growing poor elderly population.   Deinstitutionalized mental patients are housed in empty old hotels and rooming houses in Ocean Grove. The town becomes a “psychiatric ghetto” (NY Times, October 1988,) and by the 1980’s, 10% of the town’s population are mental cases who are not receiving appropriate services and are sometimes abused by landlords. The prognosis for Ocean Grove is dire.

“During this period, the Ocean Grove Homeowner’s Association (OGHOA) develops as a political and activist force that successfully begins the process of converting the town from decay to renaissance.”

That generation of OGHOA saved the town. This generation is politically correct and impotent.

Now we learn that the next meeting will be “TALKING GREEN!!”   The Groaners want to know if  “our Historic District status can be compatible with a Green future.”

This is a contrived and fake news topic as it pertains to our town.

They say that this program is “inspired by the creation of the OGHOA’s Renewable Energy Committee”  Do we really want such a committee?

To this end the Groaners have invited two representatives of political  groups who’s purpose in life is to promote “green energy.”

The Renewable Energy Committee’s motto is “Change your energy, change the world.”  They seek money to “empower consumers.”  They don’t produce anything in our society but propaganda.  Their real goal is to change our country and our communities.

The Electric Vehicle Association promotes—electric vehicles. Why do we need to hear about that?  Surely there are more important topics to confront.

If you want to be brainwashed by the Groaners, go to this meeting —it is totally political and unnecessary.




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