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Doo wop crowd at the Great Auditorium, 2011. Blogfinger photo ©


Will a reduction in secular  programming cause a decline in good will for the CMA?.   Blogfinger photo (digitally altered by an OG resident.)  ©


Anonymous tip:   “Heard it from a reliable source – CMA voted – no secular programs on Saturday nights in 2019 – religious programs only. ”

Editor’s Note:  Feb. 3, 2019

We don’t know yet if this prediction is true, but the CMA has already moved in this direction, and the web site schedule for 2019 appears, so far, to confirm that tip.    One thing seems certain, such a move will likely change Ocean Grove’s reputation, and it will affect attitudes in and outside the Grove.  Many people would be disappointed.  Last year  (2018) the CMA had a Doo Wop event and a Beach Boy concert in the Great Auditorium.

TONY BENNETT has appeared in the Great Auditorium at one of those Saturday night concerts in front of thousands of people—talk about good will ! The recording below is at Carnegie Hall  (capacity 2,800) with the  Ralph Sharon Orchestra.  The GA can seat 6,500.  So, one would wonder about the wisdom of ending secular concerts at the GA when such events can create tremendous good will and fame for the CMA.

As of February 1, 2019,  the 2019 OGCMA web site schedule (OceanGrove.org) seems fairly complete, and no Saturday night secular shows are listed.  There are a few band concerts.

There probably will be more announcements coming up.  Currently the schedule says very little about any Saturday GA events.  The official program magazine comes out in April.

As of today, the Great Auditorium will be hosting The Neptune High School graduation, a 150th OG Anniversary event, The Police Memorial, and a series of organ recitals.

You can follow this subject at the CMA web site

Of interest regarding the OGCMA web site, it says that the July 4 parade will be held on Saturday July 6.

Also, programs that are held on the beach are listed as occurring on the “OGCMA Beach”  Not sure what exactly that designation means to the CMA organization.  There are many people in Ocean Grove who think that the CMA owns the beaches, but others say, “not.”



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