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Video by Stephen Goldfinger,  Blogfinger.net 7/24/19.  Ocean Grove, Founders’ Park. Click the arrow to turn it around.


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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@Blogfinger.net

The 16 foot 1907 4 tiered fountain has been restored and is now erect in Founders Park. Yesterday, July 9, was the final installation.

Some more minor work needs to be done for it to be flowing on Saturday, July 27.  (see information below). The fountain last displayed water in the 1970’s.  Thanks to a fund raising effort by Ted Bell and the Historic Society of Ocean Grove, over $100,000 was raised, and some more donations would be helpful for the finishing touches including landscaping.

We went over there tonight and were able to photograph it in very low light using an extremely sensitive digital camera.


Paul Goldfinger photo. 4 tiered fountain is back in place. 7/10/19. Blogfnger.net ©  Click to enlarge photos.


Closeup of the lower part. Blogfinger.net. ©


Here is a link to a Jack Bredin painting of the historic scene:

Founders Park painting



July 27 Saturday  is Victorian Day

10 am – 4 pm:  Mrs. Joseph Thornley’s prayer tent in Founders Park

10 am – 3 pm: History of OG video shown continually in the Great Auditorium

11 am-11:30:  Dedication of the Fountain    (DO NOT MISS THIS)    and Re-enactment of Bishop Fitzgerald by Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell.  Founders Park

Note: from Cindy Bell: “The restored fountain is back in town, and Robinson Iron anticipates the final installation on Tuesday July 9th. Landscaping and final touches will be put in place the week of July 15th.  Dedication ceremony:  Saturday July 27th at 11:00 am. Community members are invited to stop by the park to watch the action.”


12-4 pm Horse and carriage tour

Afternoon tours of Great Auditorium, tours of Historical Society Museum,and walking tours of Ocean Grove


OMARA PORTUONDO   “Mariposita Primavera.”    From the Buena Vista Social Club

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Founders' Park fountain. September 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Founders’ Park fountain. September 2013. By Paul Goldfinger © Left click.

Editor’s Note: Blogfinger ran an article in 2011 about the fountain in Founders’ Park. Click here for link

The fountain is owned by the Historical Society of Ocean Grove, while the park is the property of the Camp Meeting Association. The HSOG has set up a fund to restore the fountain. A private citizen has also set up a fund, although it is currently put aside while funds are solicited for the boardwalk.

If you have some big bucks to contribute, imagine this multi-tiered fountain actually alive and well in 21st century Ocean Grove. They will need about $100,000. There actually is a company whose specialty is bringing such fountains back to life. Historian Ted Bell is the main man for this project.

The wonderful floral arrangement is by the OG Beautification Project.

When I was a kid, I loved Doris Day and everything about her: her sweet face, her laugh, her singing and her acting; She is still alive and well at age 89. Here she is singing “3 Coins in the Fountain” from the 1954 movie of the same name. The song won the Oscar in 1955 and was sung at that event by Dean Martin.


Here is a link to the Dean Martin performance at the Oscars where he was introduced by Jerry Lewis.

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