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Wedding Party. Edison Estate on the Caloosahatchee River. Fort Myers, Florida. March  2011. Re-posted by Paul Goldfinger- 2018—-Blogfinger.net ©.


—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.


This photo requires a bit of narrative.  It’s a gorgeous Saturday in Fort Myers, Florida, at the Edison Estate  (the winter home of  Thomas A.)   We’re milling about, sizing up the tour which we are about to take, when a white limo pulls up.  Out spills the bridal party. The wedding photographer is fumbling with his equipment, and the women form a protective ring around the bride.

So here I am with my camera, and this scene unfolds right in front of me. I pick up my Leica M-9 and start shooting. I’m caught up in the event.    I’m a paparazzi, circling the scene like a shark—moving in with my wide angle lens.

Just then, a cell phone rings multiple times, with the sound coming from the right side.  It’s  the bride’s mother’s phone.   I snap the photo, and then the bride says, “Mom!!  I think your phone’s ringing!!”


Editor’s note:  The bride was so beautiful;   I can’t leave it like this–with Mom’s phone ringing.  Let’s fast forward and imagine a moment later in the day when all attention is focused on the bride.


Here are the JAGUARS:  This is one of the all-time great love songs—-By Jerome Kern  (music) and Dorothy Fields (lyrics.)  Dorothy said that she cried when she first heard Kern’s melody.


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