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Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. Date unknown. By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff .© Ocean Grove Fishing Pier.   Date unknown.   By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff .©  Click on image to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.  2014.  And read the 19 comments below.

During the recent (2012-2014)   post-Sandy FEMA foreplay era, Blogfinger  went on and on ad nauseum about why our boardwalk deserved public money. The arguments presented by the CMA made sense to us and eventually prevailed, although the feds have yet to show us the actual boardwalk money. But they will.

During that period, the issue of the historic Fishing Pier was raised a few times. The OG Fishing Club members were upset that the CMA would not make a commitment to reestablish their  club at the end of the pier.

You will see that FEMA also refused to pay for pier repairs after Hurricane Irene in the summer of 2011.  The boardwalk was not damaged then.  There was about $150,000 damage to the far end of the pier. FEMA said then exactly what they say now—- that the denial is because private non-profit groups like the Camp Meeting Association  cannot be compensated for recreational facilities  after storm damage.

But now, when both the boardwalk and the pier are damaged after Sandy, somehow FEMA has separated the two structures even though they are clearly attached at the hip, and the illogical distinction seems to be based on what?  It’s as if they are desperate to nail the Camp Meeting Association in some way .

But the situation is also odd, because  FEMA has done a double about-face—first a denial, then promises to fund the pier, and now a denial. The CMA always plays “Mister Nice Guy” so their reaction is one of kindness tempered by the need to engage in yet another interminable appeal.   Herb Herbst, of the Jersey Shore Arts Center, said that the CMA should get more aggressive with demonstrations, picketing, pressure on politicians, and getting tough. But that’s not the CMA’s style.

Besides, what cards does the CMA hold? I can see their case that the pier is an extension of the boardwalk and does supply opportunities as a facility with some public safety attributes and potential, but they have to again make the case to a bureaucracy that has already ruled on one application and two laborious appeals resulting in a boardwalk award for $2.3 million.  FEMA has got to be sick and tired of hearing those two words: Ocean Grove.

So why did FEMA change its mind about the pier?  It smells like a political knifing—a blindside attack. If you want to hear one conspiracy theory, just re-read our piece about the editorial views of the Weekly Standard magazine.  (Weekly Standard link ) You can make up your own mind if you smell a rat. And if you follow the money, you will find State funds (grants and interest free loans) to for- profit private businesses on the Seaside Heights boards given first for Sandy and then for a fire.

So help is there for their profitable private businesses, but not for our destroyed pier?  Who’s  to say which need is greatest—–quality of life for Grovers or for pizza operators in SH?

As for the historic Fishing Club, their  future is in the hands of the pier’s owners—the OGCMA—who are evidently still not going to make any commitments with the OGFC, because that carries a risk of a firestorm having to do with use of public money for exclusionary clubs, even if the Fishing Club says that they are not private.   The locks on the gates say otherwise to anybody who wants to stroll to the end.

Does the recent FEMA reversal on the pier have anything to do with the Fishing Club and the CMA’s unwillingness to make a decision?  I think not, because if that were true, a deal would have been already struck between FEMA and the CMA, and all hope for the Fishing Club would have been carried  away by the ocean fog.

Finally, there is one solid promise that was made last year by Interim Camp Meeting COO Ralph delCampo, and he made the promise several times when he said, “No matter what, the Fishing Pier will be rebuilt.”


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