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These are film students from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts who were participating in the 2012  1st Annual Blogfinger Film Festival in the Grove. This is the sort of activity that brings communities together; not giant tourist traps.
Paul Goldfinger photograph.  Blogfinger.net


This is what the American Planning Association said in 2017:  “The Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Camp Meeting Association sponsor public activities that encourage social activity and create an overall sense of community.”

Do you think that they meant the Giant Flea Market, or the British Car Show, or Camp Meeting week?

Where did the APA get the fake news that led them to their conclusions?  Do you you suppose they got their background info from the CMA and the Chamber?

Did they talk to any of the largely secular residential community in OG?  Did they actually visit some “neighborhoods” in the Grove and learn about our porch culture?

This is what the locals, who tend to be cynical about these matters, think about that:






And by the way, Blogfinger will sponsor the Town-Wide Annual Yard Sale on Saturday June 18, 2022.

This is a comfortable annual event enjoyed mostly by Grover locals.

It’s also the date of the Giant Craft Show sponsored all day by the CMA, and you can hear the giant sucking sound of tourists being lured into town in large numbers.

We are keeping our schedule knowing that most of our participants are from the OG neighborhoods:  We walk and ride our bikes.

Maybe we will enjoy some visitors from the giant show on the Pathway who might want to meet some genuine Grovers and get some cool local stuff.

Some out of towners will also come specifically for the yard sales, although parking will be tight that day, and it is an example of how local community activities can be smothered in prime season by the tourist hordes sponsored by Grover organizations such as the CC and CMA which don’t care about the residents of our small town.



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The Township Comedy needs to shine some light on the current Resolution so OG citizens can see the gobbledygook.   Paul Goldfinger photo.  OG beach. September, 2018. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

When Jack and I  first read the new North End Resolution which was passed on Nov. 26, 2018, we looked at each other and asked, “What is this?”  It wasn’t clear what the main point of the Resolution was.  It included an itemized list of over 30 important elements of the plan, none of which were explained in detail.

It not only wasn’t clear as to what the Resolution was all about or why it was necessary, but it was impossible to figure out if the Resolution was attempting to actually pass the “new” 2018 North End Redevelopment Plan.

Here is the official title of the Resolution #18 -395 as obtained from the Neptune Comedy agenda:

Authorize the execution of a conditional designation and interim cost agreement with OG North End Development (OGNED) including provisions for a deposit of project funds to defray costs incurred by the Township of Neptune in connection with the negotiation of a Redevelopment Agreement, pursuant to the local redevelopment and housing law, N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-1, ET Seq.”

Got it?

We thought the language was gobbledygook, and below is a link to Part I of our discussion of the Resolution.

Gobbledygook Part I regarding the North End resolution 11/26/18

The Township Redevelopment Attorney for the “Proposal” did speak to the  public at the Comedy meeting, and some of his quotes are mentioned  (below)  in a Coaster front-page article dated Nov. 29, 2018

Isn’t it interesting that none of our elected officials tried to explain the Resolution to the public–instead the Neptune Comedy brought their hired gun out of the shadows and asked him to explain the Resolution to the citizens.

Below are some Qoaster quotes from the Township Redevelopment Attorney Joseph Maraziti of Short Hills.   He said:

It’s important for the community to understand the project.”

“…this is not  a redevelopment agreement but part of negotiations towards a redevelopment agreement with Ocean Grove North End Development LLC.”

“There will be many topics at many levels discussed and resolved (in the agreement.) Nothing is even resolved at this time.”

The Coaster reporter said, “Redevelopment of the long-neglected North End of Ocean Grove took a step forward this week when Neptune officials approved an official agreement that is expected to eventually result in a comprehensive redevelopment plan.”

Mayor Nicholas Williams of Neptune Township. What will his legacy be? By Paul Goldfinger ©

And finally, Mayor Nicholas Williams cleared it up by saying, “This is just the first step and that’s where we are tonight.”

So, Mr. Mayor, you say that ” ‘this’ is just the first step,” and now that we all know what the meaning of “this” is,  we can  be reassured that we now understand the Resolution.

Last June we posted this Mayor’s photo with the lead-in:  “Portrait of a leader who represents the electorate or just one of the boys?  What will Nicholas Williams legacy be?”

What do you think?


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