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You think you have problems?

A wise Ocean Grover named Radar recently said that the Grove had too little space and too much of everything else.  He really did condense the situation down to the lowest common denominator. Most of the quality of life issues that are being raised on this blog boil down to Radar’s Law of Physics.

Regarding summers in the Grove, folks say that  we have too many cars, too many buses, too many huge events,  too many fumes, too much noise, too many beachgoers, too many tourists,  too much “junk” on the sidewalks, too many cones in the streets, too much taxes,  too much garbage,  and too much kvetching.

It looks like the ultimate solution is to get more space.   Perhaps we can get the Homeowner’s Association to invade Bradley Beach. But if we are stuck with Radar’s Law, then the best we can do is for all concerned to continue a civil discourse, maintain an upbeat attitude  and work towards some satisfying solutions. 

Blogfinger will try to help.  At least we, in cyberspace,  are taking up no space in town and we create no fumes  (except perhaps for some hot air).

Paul Goldfinger  (in the clouds @Blogfinger)

Cheer up Mary—Radar is still correct 6 years later.  It’s Cousin Brucie below:


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