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2011 Blogfinger photo. 80 Main, a poster child for derelict houses, still sits and welcomes visitors to the Grove/

Blogfinger photo from 2011. 80 Main Avenue, a poster child for derelict buildings, still sits and welcomes visitors to the Grove.

Here is the new Abandoned Property list at the Township’s web site. The list is mandated by an ordinance:


Maybe this and an improving housing market will move a couple of them along a bit!!!

Editor’s Note:   Derelict housing is a vexing and complex problem in Ocean Grove and Neptune Township.  The issue has stymied the Township because of all the elements involved including owners’ rights, recalcitrant owners, lenient judges,  frustrated politicians, code enforcers,  and citizens who worry about their quality of life and the possible harm to their families including  fire, falling debris, squatters, vandals, disease, and lowered  housing values.  The list above consists of vacant and abandoned houses, but we also have many neglected properties in the Grove which are occupied but in bad shape. The latter could be included in a definition of “derelict.”

This is what the OGHOA web site says about the property list linked above by Doug:

“After March 9, the owners of 80 Main (and many other owners or lienholders of derelict buildings throughout Neptune) also will be required to maintain liability insurance on their properties, post a visible notice on the building that provides contact information for someone responsible for the property, and ensure that the property is secured from unauthorized access. Utility companies will also have the right to gain access to these properties to ensure that service has been disconnected. Failure to comply with these provisions could trigger fines of $2,000.00 a day for each separate violation.  

“The OGHOA hopes this will have an impact on the derelict building problem in our National Historic District, but only time–and continued pressure on the Township–will tell.”

On the other hand, the OGHOA minutes of Sept. 27, 2014 says, regarding this ordinance,  “The new ordinance is not aggressive enough in forcing owners to deal with derelict homes in meaningful ways.”

Creating the list and doing derelict housing tours* is the work of the OGHOA—–helpful, but more potent strategies will be needed.

Here is a  link from June, 2014:

The derelict tour*:     Planning a walking tour     This article discusses a variety of ideas  on the subject.

DORIS DAY AND DANNY THOMAS with a song for the effort.

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