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A view of AP near the bridge; taken from the OG side. The demonstrators passed the entrance to the OG bridge and continued eastward. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©.  Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge


This well organized event was promoted by someone. Who was it?


Patch.com photo. 6/1/.20. Asbury Park Post Office on Main St.


Patch.com photo at the rally.


A large crowd estimated at 1,000-1,500 people converged on the Asbury Park Post Office at Main Avenue. The demographic was mostly young and white.  Although the dress of the day was black, the mood seemed to be almost festive.

The police had closed off Cookman Avenue, and they were prepared for anything however the group was well behaved.  It could have been a college pep rally.   An 8 pm curfew was announced, and after dark, there were patrols around town and helicopters overhead.

There were speakers, slogans and songs.   Eventually the crowd, which seemed well organized, began to walk to the north, and were moving along Lake Avenue and converging into another group coming down from Cookman to meet near the entrance to the New Jersey Avenue bridge into Ocean Grove.

The police thought that the crowd might move into the Grove, and we saw Neptune PD vehicles in town.  It was not surprising that there were some concerns about violence because  of recent events around the country, and  in 1970, the town was nearly destroyed by race riots.

A decision had been made to lock the bridges, but the demonstration was not destined to head across Wesley Lake.

We met some people parking in town and walking over to AP, and later we met a departing couple in black, holding signs under their arms, preparing to board their vehicle parked on Delaware Avenue.  They told me that they were from Sea Girt.  She said that this demonstration was “ten times more exciting” than the Women’s March from last year.





June 2 addendum:

Last night, after the 8 pm curfew, a “melee” erupted in downtown Asbury Park.   Police in riot gear fought with disruptive “demonstrators.”  There were 12 arrests, including an APP reporter and two juveniles.”    (APP)

The police allowed the curfew to lengthen  by two hours, but then physical  arrests were made for violations of curfew and rioting.   There were injuries on both sides.

6/1/20. photos by Andrew Mills of NJ Advanced Media. His news action photos were excellent.  Here a police officer, injured in the face, was helped by other AP police.


Monroe Avenue, AP during the nighttime melee. 6/1/20.  Andrew Mills photo


An arrest is made. Andrew Mills photograph. 6/1/20



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