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Eileen Goldfinger ‘s image of sunflowers. Scobeyville, NJ  . Delicious Orchards.  © 9/15/17  Click to enlarge. ©



Paul Goldfinger’s version of the Scobeyville sunflowers. 9/15/17 © Cllck to enlarge.


October 29, 2019. Paul Goldfinger on a rainy day at Delicious Orchards. © All photos with iPhones.  This is with the iPhone 10XS–a superior camera; the iPhone  Pro is probably even better.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net   Re-post from September 2017.


We decided to stop at Delicious Orchards .  I wanted coffee and to split a piece of their famous coffee cake, but Eileen had to have some gourds.  Gourds have been around since 13,000 BC, but there still are a few for Eileen. They have a wide variety of gourds there in all shapes, but she was choosing from the small 6 inch variety.  Not that she was out of her gourd, but she picked 5 of them in different shapes and colors.  One of them seemed to have leprosy, with bumps all over its surface.

Eileen’s bumpy gourd. Blogfinger photo.  9/16/17

Even though I am the Dean of the Blogfinger Off-shore Medical School in Ocean Grove, NJ,  I had never seen a case of leprosy, and I wanted to ship that gourd off to Johns Hopkins.

Anyhow, as we drove onto the DO property we spotted a long row of sunflowers in bloom.  It’s the sort of incredible sight that you might see in France. But actually, many NJ farmers plant fields of sunflowers and then harvest them, usually in October.

Delicious Orchards is about 20 minutes away, allegedly in Colts Neck, on Rt. 34.  Go there to see this sight and also to buy anything there with whipped cream.  And their pies are something else. People stand in line for their many varieties, but you do not have to pre-order them.

You see, they have a fabulous bakery there….it’s not all cucumbers, tomatoes and figs.  Their apple selection is amazing.   It’s also a good place to order a superior Thanksgiving turkey.

So we parked our car, whipped out our iPhones and took some pictures. The lighting was very harsh and contrasty, so we obtained different results  (see above).  To avoid any charge of liking my pictures more than her’s, I decided to post one photo from each of us. Mine is a little more Van Gogh-esque, while her’s is more Andy Worholish.

They have a coffee/snack bar and a juice bar there.  And don’t miss the room that has chocolate, coffee, candy and even licorice.

But, the funny thing is that while we were  tiptoeing through the sunflowers, we came upon a sign  (below) which said Delicious Orchards, Scobeyville, NJ.  But everyone knows that DO is in Colts Neck.


Well, it turns out that Scobeyville is an unincorporated community within Colt’s Neck.  It was settled in the 1700’s by the Scobey family. It has been a large apple growing region, and Apple Jack alcoholic beverage has been made there all these years, and even today, the Laird family still operates a distillery in Scobeyville.  Apple Jack was known as “Jersey Lightening.”

During prohibition, the Feds raided an illegal distillery in Scobeyville.  Until recently, the only place in America where Apple Jack was made, was at the Laird family distillery.  In Normandy, France, they make an apple brandy called Calvados. And the best apple cider (non-alcoholic). we have had is in Chester at the Hackelbarney Farm Cider Mill   (worth the trip.) And you can hike through Hackelbarney State Park and visit the Nathan Cooper Grist Mill where you can get some grist to take home.

BARRY MANILOW.    From his album Singin’ With the Big Bands.      “Apple Blossom Time.”



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Part of the apple display–there are more on the opposite side. Blogfinger photo.

By Paul and Eileen Goldfinger, editors at Blogfinger.net

Delicious Orchards is on Rt 34 in Colts Neck. It is a famous and historic country food store with a remarkable inventory of fruits including many exotic varieties.  It is fun going there just to walk around.

Currently they have a wide variety of apples, and that is the main reason we went over today.  Most of the apples are priced at $1.99 per pound, so you can walk around and mix ‘n match.

Their produce is amazing, and they also have a vast amount of dried fruits, nuts, coffee, candies and gourmet items.

The meat area offers Bell and Evans chickens and other fresh meats.  One section contains home made soups.

The bakery is famous, especially for pies, but they also have cider donuts, cream puffs about 4 inches high, coffee cakes and eclairs.  They probably have more items made with whipped cream than anywhere else. Just window shopping at the bakery will seduce you to buy something.  I like the cinnamon-raisin buns with white icing on top.  Eileen got a hunk of their famous crumb cake.

Their green (string) beans are thin, crispy, graceful and tasty.   I was putting some in a bag when a woman walked over and told me her recipe:   sautée in garlic and butter, but don’t let them get too soft.

When you check out , they give you brown paper bags with handles.  The checkout team consists of a cashier and a bag packer.

Here is a link to a True Conversation at Delicious Orchard:

True Conversation

We have a few prior posts about DO; just type in “Delicious Orchards” into the search box on home page.

Directions:    Get on Route 18  N. off 33 just past the hospital.  Go until you come to the Rt. 34 exit and head north about one mile. The entrance is on the left.  There is plenty of parking.

GERRY MULLIGAN.  “Dream a Little Dream.”   This is what a baritone sax sounds like.

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beefsteak tomatoe, radishes, bell peppers, globe grapes, and red onion

Beefsteak tomato, vine grown tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, globe grapes, and red onion from Delicious Orchards. Design by Eileen Goldfinger


Pomegranates.   $4.99 each.  Blogfinger photos

Pomegranates. $4.99 each. The Chinese chew on the seeds to improve digestion. They also like the color red for good luck.    Blogfinger photos on April 23, 2014

STEPHEN SONDHEIM  “Beautiful” from Sunday in the Park with George.


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